About the Course

The "Practical Income Tax" is a uniquely simple and easy way to learn Income Tax. The course is ideal for working accountants, aspiring finance professionals, CA Article clerks.

The mere mention of Income Tax brings images of huge, voluminous books and huge complexity. The way the subject is taught and learnt has made it very intimidating.

The SoundBasics course ‘Practical Income Tax​’ is aimed at simplifying the understanding of Income Tax, and equipping students in the subject from a practical application point of view. The course takes students through all important aspects of Income Tax with the help of a "story" involving a fictional person's ("Sachin's") career/business journey of 5 years. This easy to read, understand and retain format of the course makes learning Income Tax both fun and effective.

The course will particularly benefit working accountants, aspiring finance professionals and CA Article clerks.

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