How can the course ‘Advanced Practical Accounting’ help CA Article clerks and Working Accountants?

Well rounded Practical Knowledge

Through its intense practical training involving real life like simulations of business environment, the course offers well rounded Practical Knowledge, making the candidate ready to take on challenging responsibilities from Day 1. This can give them a head start in the demanding environment that they are likely to face at work.

Absolute clarity in critical and key concepts

Confusion in the fundamental concepts is a source of nervousness and embarrassment to most people in a demanding work environment. The Sound Basics study material addresses key concepts with clarity and presents complex issues in a very simple manner. This makes it easy for the candidate to understand, learn and remember. The course does not stop with mere information sharing, but uses innovative technology driven methods to help the candidate absorb and retain.

Training Equivalent to Years of Work Experience

The uniquely conceived Sound Basics practical drills simulate real life like business events, and the students have to respond to these events directly in the learning software. At the end of each drill or assignment, the student gets instant feedback on mistakes, if any. Each drill has been ‘hand crafted’ by experts in order to expose the students to a number complexities, several times over – thus imparting learning equal to years of work experience.

Improved chance to get into good CA firms for Article Training / good businesses for employment

Armed with this well rounded practical knowledge and Conceptual clarity, the candidates would stand a much better chance of joining good firms for their Article Training or good businesses for employment. CA firms struggle with their first year Article clerks, not knowing what work to assign to them. All CA firms will welcome the prospect of trained Article clerks, just as industry would welcome the prospect of trained accounting staff.

Higher Confidence – a chance to stand-out in the crowd, and move ahead

Fresh Article clerks/accounting recruits are generally seen as novices to whom one cannot assign important tasks. On their part such candidates are generally low on confidence, hesitant and nervous to even ask questions. Candidates who have completed the Sound Basics ‘Advanced Practical Accounting’ course, on the other hand, could stand out as high potential, confident resources, seen by their senior colleagues as resources who can be assigned important tasks and assignments from Day 1.

Course for Working accountants and CA Article Clerks
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Title: CA Articles & Working Accountants
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Rating: 5.0
Summary: CA Articles & Working Accountants
Description: Well rounded Practical Knowledge within 3 months Through its intense practical training in a simulated business environment, the PEP-F&A course offers well rounded Practical Knowledge.