How can the course ‘Practical Accounting for B.Com/BBA – Levels 1 & 2’ benefit B.Com / BBA candidates ?

A large majority (almost 80%) of B.Com/BBA graduates are in India not employable. The course will make them more employable and ‘job-ready’

There is a dearth of quality educational institutions for B.Com/BBA students in the country. Out of the large number of Tier 2/3/4 colleges, many are not equipped to impart quality education which is relevant to the industry. Hence, most B.Com/BBA students struggle to find jobs. Even if they find one, they struggle in their jobs and are unable to compete with their peers. A practical course from SoundBasics can bridge this gap early and equip the students to fare much better in college as well as in their first job.

It is very difficult for most academic institutions to keep pace with the industry. Hence, most colleges end up spending significant time in teaching theoretical concepts, several of which are not relevant to the industry. However, it is essential for every student to have knowledge of the practical aspects of Financial Accounting, and this becomes a challenge.

Most B.Com / BBA courses cover a number of Finance & Accounts (F&A) topics purely at a theoretical level, with little or no focus on practical requirements. Consequently, the graduates are generally not seen by industry as employable.

Through its well rounded Practical Training modules, the SoundBasics offerings can make B.Com/BBA students more fit for employment in Accounts & Audit functions, or as Business Executives.

Most B.Com / BBA graduates are low on confidence. The SoundBasics offerings lend them confidence through absolute clarity in critical and fundamental concepts

B.Com / BBA students are often overlooked for attractive F&A jobs due to their lack of knowledge in F&A basics, as compared to CAs and MBAs. This can be changed by building strong fundamentals through the SoundBasics offerings.

Confusion in the fundamental F&A concepts is a source of nervousness and embarrassment to most B.Com / BBA graduates, making them defensive while dealing with their more ‘qualified’ counterparts.

The Sound Basics study material addresses key F&A concepts with clarity and presents complex issues in a very simple manner. This makes it easy for the candidate to understand, learn and remember.

The Sound Basics offerings do not stop with mere information sharing, but use innovative technology driven methods to help the candidate absorb and retain.

A chance to pursue a high potential F&A careers, instead of BPO jobs

Several B.Com / BBA students end up in BPO jobs, many of which cannot offer good long-term careers. A career in F&A, on the other hand, can offer immense growth opportunities. Armed with the well rounded Practical Knowledge and conceptual clarity offered by SoundBasics , a B.Com / BBA graduate would certainly stand a much better chance of finding decent F&A jobs.

Several B.Com / BBA graduates join their family business or start on their own. The ‘Practical Accounting for B.Com/BBA- Levels 1 & 2’ will be of help in these endeavours as well

The Sound Basics offerings provide a practical understanding of several key aspects of business and commerce. This can be of great help to B.Com / BBA students if they wish to join their family business or start their own business,after their graduation.

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Summary: B.Com / BBM Students
Description: There is a dearth of quality education institutions for B.Com/BBM students in the country. Due to the large number of Tier 2/3/4 colleges, many are not equipped with quality education.